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St. James of Jerusalem

Accessibility & Sustainability

St. James of Jerusalem aims to make our church accessible to all and, in the interest of caring for God’s Creation, to eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions.  Church leaders are working on a plan to accomplish both goals. Links to periodic reports are below.



St. James’ open-hearted and inclusive approach to spirituality has attracted many new members to our church, but many of our members have trouble navigating the stairs that must be used to access virtually every area of the church. People with physical limitations are not able to worship in the Sanctuary or join us for coffee hour, bible study or events in the Undercroft because literally everything at St. James is up or down stairs. We aim to make St. James church accessible to all. 


Our parish is dedicated to the reduction/elimination of greenhouse gas emissions in the interest of restoring and preserving God’s great creation. For us it is a moral imperative. Actions we plan to take including eliminating the use of fossil fuels and using only green energy, and insulating our buildings to make them more energy efficient.


Read About St. James' Plans

Report 1 - August 23, 2023

Report 2 - January 25, 2024

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