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How Can You Support

St. James of Jerusalem?

Like all houses of worship, St. James of Jerusalem relies on the generosity of our members, friends and supporters. There are several ways you can help support our spiritual and community service activities. 

- Paper Check by U.S. Mail

- Bank-generated Check Mailed by your Bank 

- In-person donation during Sunday services or in an envelope through the Rectory door.



Paper Check via U.S. Mail 

Mail your check to: 

St. James of Jerusalem

220 W. Penn St.

Long Beach, NY 11561

Have Your Bank Mail a Check for You 

Easier still, and with no need to buy stamps or envelopes or go to the mailbox, is to log in to your bank account online, add St. James as a payee, and have the bank mail a check for you. Here are step by step instructions. They may vary slightly between banks, but this should get you there:


Setting Up an Automatic Payment via Your Bank


To have your bank send a single or recurring payment to our church:

  • Log into your bank account via the Internet.

  • If you have multiple accounts with that bank, go into the account from which you want to make the payment (a checking account).

  • Look for the option Bill Pay or Pay Bills. It may be within a menu such as Payment Center or Payments and Transfers.


In the Bill Pay/Payment Center, the first step will be to

  • “Add a Payee.” Some banks may label this “Add a Company or Person to Pay.”

  • On this screen, you will enter the church’s name and address:

St. James of Jerusalem

220 West Penn St.

Long Beach, NY 11561

If it asks for a telephone number, please enter 516.432.1080

Note that the church’s name will not pop up automatically when you search for payees. You will need to enter it manually.


  • You will be asked to enter an account number or note to appear on the check that the bank will generate for you. In this line, you can enter your envelope number if you know it, or simply enter your name.

  • Once the payee is established, St. James of Jerusalem, you can do two things:

    • Pay Now / Make a Payment / Make a One-time Payment, or

    • Set up Automatic Payment / Schedule a Recurring Payment.

  • Here you can enter the amount of your payment and on what date(s) it should be made.


If you have questions, please feel free to call your bank or contact St. James of Jerusalem at 516-432-1080 or

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